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Dovvnload Free PocketCache+, PocketCache+ Dovvnload

Edit By BS Editor: Need backup for your desktop or notebook PC? How about an application to automatically back up all of your important files and data - instantly - with a single mouse click? PocketCache+ is a brand-new type of backup and archiving application that not only works with disk drives, but also with small-Capacity storage devices like USB flash drives, micro-drives, CD/DVD-RW drives and secure, U3 smart drives. Unlike conventional backup or synchronization methods, PocketCache+ uses an innovative, content-based backup technology that detects minute changes in file contents and stores these in fast, storage-efficient "snapshots" of your directories or files. PocketCache+ snapshots enable a user to back up hundreds of times onto a small 500MB storage device, and thousands of times onto larger gigabyte storage devices -all without having to MOVE data or make decisions about which files to keep or remove. Snapshot backups are also fast - typically requiring only seconds after you've made your initial backup. By capturing only content changes in files, the size of most backups is reduced by 40-80 percent. If you back up a picture, only a single copy is saved in your backup archive. This makes PocketCache+ ideal for capturing multiple versions and revisions of graphics-intensive presentations, documents, contracts, customer databases and large spreadsheets. Features Back up Folders and files quickly onto your USB disk, CD-RW, drive with unique snapshot backup technology Snapshot backups Detect and store only the changes made to your files, letting you back up repeatedly onto drives with small capacity such as flash, CD-RW, or micro-drive View and access files from all previous backups in a single time-stamped archive Restore or transfer files, folders or backups by simply "saving" to disk, CD, or DVD Works with all USB disk, CD-RW, DVD-RW, and flash drives, with U3-powered smart drives. you can free dovvnload PocketCache+ now.

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